SUSAN GOLDEN – Head Course Tutor

Meet the team

Our Founder and head course tutor is Susan Golden, a clairvoyant and tarot reader who has been performing psychic readings for clients for over 36 years.
What Susan does not know – you don’t need to know!
Many students who see Susan for one to one lessons and residential courses, all agree that they finish their courses with much more confidence than when they began their course.
Susan has a talent of identifying the skills you need to progress, and if there are any parts of your psychic skills that she feels you need to explore more deeply, she can help you with those and offer advice on how to develop those areas easily and quickly. Students often comment that the courses have helped them control their psychic gifts and  connect to their guides on a daily basis.
Tarot Card Course Tutor, John, (Photo Pending)  is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He studied the Tarot Cards many decades ago. He is excellent at positive thinking and the use of Universal Energy to enhance peoples lives for the better. 

For more information or to enrol on a course

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